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Bicycle Sales and Service

Micheal Blast Greaser ebike with leather handlebar bag

Look Good, Feel Good, that’s the Culture of Micheal Blast’s Greaser Electric Bicycle

Johnny cruised into the coffee shop with his shiny, retro-looking Greaser electric bicycle. Pulling next to a couple of Harley’s he gazed at a group of leather-clad men and women who were chatting and sipping their drinks. With a cool air about him, he hopped off the bike as its rear tire skidded to a halt.

Yellow vintage ten speed road bicycle

The Eight Helpful Steps of Selling your Bicycle

Selling anything can be stressful. Gone are the days when a simple classified advertisement in a newspaper. Today the internet is the venue for for selling your trusty bicycle. Further, it can be tricky even to post your bicycle for sale online, as word-wide-web can be a place for scammers and unscrupulous types.

Genesis Canada Mammoth Fat Bicycle from Cycle Babac and Circuit Cycle & Sports, Millet, Alberta

Genesis Bicycles, not all are Created Equal

Canadian Genesis bikes are a breed all their own. There seems to be a bit of confusion regarding the Canadian brand of Genesis Bicycles. How about we clear this up? First bit of information to get past is the fact that we see bicycles branded as Genesis in Canada, the USA and in England. While…
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Bicycle Service Packages Circuit Cycle and Sports -

Circuit Cycle & Sports expands services with new location

On December 1st, 2022, Circuit Cycle & Sports in Millet, Alberta, scheduled their doors closed in preparation for a move. “We are growing and in order to better service our market, more floor space, and a larger tech room is required.” stated Brian Hahn, Owner and Operator. Since Circuit Cycle & Sports opened in 2015,…
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Circuit Cycle acquires the remaining inventory of Bravo 7 Cycle

In an effort to beat the supply chain challenges from the pandemic of the last three years, Circuit Cycle & Sports in Millet has acquired the remaining inventory from Bravo 7 Cycle in Summerland, BC.

We still have new bicycles in stock

Our shop provides new bikes in three distinct levels. First, we carry new bicycles from Genesis Bikes from Quebec, and new electric bikes from both Genesis and Velec. All our suppliers are from Montreal.

Bicycle Frame Materials, Demystified

(CCN) For many, buying a bicycle comes down to price. But for others, the quality of the build takes priority over price. One thing that we can all agree upon, is that you really don’t want a bicycle that weighs a ‘ton’. Of course no bike does, however years ago the primary material used to…
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