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Derailleur hanger damage

Why Your Derailleur Captured the Wheel Spokes

You are riding along a beautiful nature trail with an incline approaching. You shift up to your largest rear sprocket and before the climb, the bike comes to a halt and the heart breaking sound in heard. “crunch!” With tears in your eyes you gaze upon your derailleur. The lower pulleys of the derailleur has captured the rear spoke wheels and rapped itself upwards, twisting your chain.

Circuit Cycle acquires the remaining inventory of Bravo 7 Cycle

In an effort to beat the supply chain challenges from the pandemic of the last three years, Circuit Cycle & Sports in Millet has acquired the remaining inventory from Bravo 7 Cycle in Summerland, BC.

Playing Card Bicycle Motor Sound

Introducing the Hybrid Bicycle Motor Kit

Attention all boomers! Circuit Cycle & Sports is proud to bring back the playing card sounds of the 60s! Introducing Circuit Cycle’s Hybrid Bicycle Motor Kit, Model 2PC-5000 for your child’s bicycle. It brings to your family the latest in spoke concussive sound wave technology from Millet! The people that brought you a bunch of…
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Custom MTB Bicycle

New Custom Built Mountain Bicycle from Circuit Cycle 

Based on the beautifully crafted Twitter Bicycle TX3900XC frame, Circuit Cycle & Sports in Millet, Alberta crafted a custom MTB. “We acquired a few 3900XC frames from Twitter Bicycle in 2019 and until now was not building the final sample until we found the perfect rims for it.” stated Brian Hahn, Certified Mechanic and owner…
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Photo by Markus Spiske, courtesy of Pixabay

Source Vintage Bicycle Components at Circuit Cycle & Sports

There is nothing more satisfying than restoring a vintage bicycle. If you are a person who restores bicycle then Circuit Cycle is a great place to source reconditioned vintage components. “We have been reconditioning bicycle components for six years,” stated Brian Hahn, Owner and Manager of Circuit Cycle & Sports in Millet, Alberta. “In December…
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Photo by Barbara A Lane courtesy of Pixabay

Ice Skate Sharpening at Circuit Cycle

Circuit Cycle & Sports currently offer skate sharpening in 5/8”, 1/2” and 3/8 inch traditional radial profile and the newer 1/2” optimized a flat bottom profile.

Circuit Cycle & Sports, Millet, Alberta.

Circuit Cycle & Sports publish video walk-through on Rumble

For those who have not had the chance to visit Circuit Cycle & Sports, a new walk-through video was recently published on both Rumble and Youtube. With a rich look into a wide selection of components and accessories, the video provides potential customers a peak into what a small bicycle shop in Millet, Alberta can…
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