Ode to the Humble Bicycle

Bicycle Sales and Service

Image by cosmix from Pixabay

By Brian K Hahn

Oh, wondrous creation of human ingenuity,
Thy presence spans three centuries, a testament to longevity.
From humble beginnings to global acclaim,
Thou art much more than a mere conveyance in name.

Thy wheels turn with a rhythmic beat,
Carrying us forward, swift and fleet.
With each pedal stroke, a sense of freedom we find,
As we leave our worries and cares behind.

In bustling cities, thou art a trusted companion,
Navigating crowded streets with deftness and precision.
Delivery riders weave through the urban sprawl,
Swiftly transporting goods, heeding the call.

For messengers, thou art a faithful partner,
Swiftly traversing streets, a skilled transporter.
Letters and packages delivered with haste,
A testament to thy reliability and grace.

Through times of strife, thou art resilient and true,
In wars and conflicts, thy worth shines through.
Soldiers pedaling with determination and might,
Transporting messages, bringing hope to the fight.

But thy significance reaches far beyond utility,
In fitness and leisure, thou inspire vitality.
From leisurely rides through scenic terrain,
To intense workouts that push us to gain.

In the realm of invention, thou hast left thy mark,
For in a humble bicycle shop, a pivotal spark.
The Wright brothers, pioneers taking flight,
As bicycle mechanics, their dreams took flight.

Oh, humble bicycle, a symbol of freedom and joy,
Thy presence brings happiness, naught can destroy.
With each turn of the pedal, we become one,
Savouring the beauty of the world, under the sun.

So, let us celebrate thy elegant simplicity,
A timeless marvel, cherished by humanity.
Oh, humble bicycle, we sing thy praise,
For the joy and wonder thou never fail to raise.


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