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Feedback from one of our custom bicycle builds

”Brian, I  just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the "Schauff." Have done hill reps on the west side of the river at Devon with it and it is perfect because the road is paved but very rough and small gravel on it. The Schauff absorbs bumps and feels stable on the gravel. I've been out 3 times and did sessions of 25 reps, 31 reps and today did 35 reps (took me 5 hours) but just love this bike.“

Eldon Karabonik, Devon, AB.

Brian is such a kind, helpful, engaging and fair business owner. We went in after losing a chain on our vacation- he was quick to help, taught us about our bike, did what he could to repair without upwelling, and was just an all around above and beyond kind of guy. Highly recommend! (And the shop was very well equipped with all kinds of parts... I suspect you will find what you are looking for here if it’s a part that is available within the current market challenges)”

Char Lockhart, Google Reviewer

"I popped into the shop today with a loose front fork and I left less than thirty minutes later with my bike in perfect order. Don’t even hesitate to service here."

Jeff White, Leduc, Alberta

"Great experience with Circuit Cycle recently! Got my bike tuned up and some small repairs done...price was awesome, and very quick turnaround! Highly recommend! Now, I’m just waiting patiently for spring so I can ride."

Tracey Whyte Smith, Leduc, Alberta

"Brian is an awesome bike mechanic who is always willing to help a person out. And he fixes your bike perfectly!" Link to review

Cbr Star, Google Reviewer

"Excellent service and very knowledgeable! I also highly recommend the Emergency Bike Repair courses for anyone who bikes."

Nicole Cote, Google Reviewer

"Thank you for the work you did on my son's little green CCM mountain bike.  We went on a family bike ride last  night while the sun shone, and he was able to shift effortlessly, the chain did not fall off, and he was able to ride FAST.  This was awesome because for the past year the bike provided no end to issues while out for rides.  We will definitely be back."

James Boyle, Wetaskwin, Alberta

"My bike rides very smoothly now. I left it outside in the snow for over a year and it's looking and running great."

Jeremy Whiteford, Edmonton, Alberta

"Seen a post on Facebook about his shop in Millet.. Son need bearings for his BMX bike...was told by the bike shop here in Wetaskiwin that it wasn't the bearings last summer..so son drove it all last summer but kept saying something is wrong with the front end...so now BMX season is here decided to take it to Brian today...Awesome guy..fixed his bike in 10mins with new bearings good too go now...I highly recommend him to everyone for all your bike needs...and it's only a short distance from town...Taking all my business there now...Thanks again Brian I have one happy boy..."

Marcie Mantai-Holmes, Wetaskiwin, Alberta

"Excellent service, quick, professional and will definitely will take my business here again. Five Stars"

Troye Goodrich, Millet, Alberta

"Had our bikes serviced here, he did a fantastic job. We will continue to take our bikes here going forward."

Blair Martin, Leduc, Alberta

"I want to thank you for fixing my mountain bike. You got rid of a squeak that has been there forever. I had someone look at it before and well it came back the same way, anyway thanks for the tune up as well.... I will pass the word out that they should check ya out and you will get my business."

Tanya Laplante, Leduc, Alberta

"A great place to take your bicycle for repairs/tune up, I took two of mine there last spring and was very pleased with the service and the attention to detail!"

Lorne Forsberg, Wetaskiwin, Alberta

"Fantastic service right here in small town Alberta! I cannot tell you how excited one of our sons is after Circuit Cycle "got right" what John Deere "got wrong" (*gasp* we don't usually say that!). He's loving the mountain bike tires and new brakes and..the gold chain! We've also had another bike restored and are so impressed with the quick and quality service! Thank you!"

Nicole Van de Kraats, Millet, Alberta

I took my bike into Circuit Cycle for a basic tune up. Brian and Teresa were so wonderful to talk to and work with. I took my bike out for a ride today and it felt brand new!!! Not only that, they cleaned it up so well, it looked brand new. I am thrilled. THANK YOU

Kathie Toohey

Received exceptional service on a bike tune up and to get it ready for a long ride in the mountains. They were very friendly and knowledgeable. Will definitely be coming back!

Laura Dublanko

Friendly and affordable, they had a good part inventory for older road bicycles, did a bottom bracket replacement on my 1975 Apollo bicycle, worth the drive from Edmonton, as they bill time spent working on bike instead of charging an expensive package tune up like other bike shops, plus the "Bank" restaurant has great food and service, worth visiting.

Grant Taylor
Edmonton, AB.

My dad and I took the Tune Up workshop with Brian and it was incredibly informative and well done. An awesome idea for anyone wanting to learn the basics to keep their bike in running order and get a a tune up at the same time.

Kyra Herman


“Brian is an absolute Master of bicycle repair and can fix anything. He's always treated me extremely well even when i'm buying something small like wheel bearings. If you want your bicycle fixed up correctly and priced fairly then Brian is the man to see! For him Bicycles are a passion and lifestyle and not just a job.”

Randle Barlow, Wetaskiwin, Alberta


"This is a rave for Circuit Cycle in Millet. I went based on reviews from here. (Facebook, Leduc Rant and Rave) Excellent service, priced affordable. Will definitely go back when my bike needs a tune up."

Sandra Weeres,  Leduc, Alberta

"Very good customer service and they know what they are doing. Thanks"

Maria Visconte, Leduc, Alberta

"Brian is a very honest and trustworthy man with a passion for Bicycles. From beginners to the pros he loves to talk bikes. If you are looking for a ride or to repair one, this is your guy "

Chuck O'Neill, Millet, Alberta

"This is a great bike shop for self-supported cyclists to stop at. It's ID #31 on the Bike Across Canada Route Network 'Approved Bicycle Shop' list."

Sam Vekemans, Victoria, B.C.

"This 1970 something Sekine went through the wringer. Brian fixed it up using vintage parts and restored it to its sweet ride. The owner was just about able to keep up to his old mom today in the river valley. Circuit Cycle is truly worth the drive to Millet!!"

Jamie Simmons, Leduc, Alberta

"I have known Brian for YEARS now and he has put his heart and soul into Circuit Cycle & Sports, making it what it is today. He's a man of great integrity and he has his customer's best interests in mind when it comes to helping guide them to making the right choices and then servicing and maintaining their equipment. He is a solid guy and a true professional!"

Greg Douglas, Sherwood Park, Alberta

"Brian worked on it until the problem was solved. He's like a dog with a bone. Just keeps at it! Thank you!"

Julian Hudson, Ponoka, Alberta

"So beyond happy with our experience at Circuit Cycle today! Fabulous customer service and great prices. Highly recommend you come see these guys if you are looking for a new bike, parts, service or all of the above."

Dawn Bilsborrow, Leduc, Alberta

"This guy knows his stuff. I personally don't know him except as a bicycle mechanic, a very good one I might add. He fixed up a bike I brought in that needed quite a bit of work, and had it done the same day. Did a great job. Very thorough and reasonably priced. Forget Reids Cycle, Take it to this dude!"

Chris Broesky, Wetaskiwin, Alberta

"Brian did an outstanding job restoring my grandpa's vintage trike. Not only did he "shine" it up and get it in excellent working order, but he added a few touches of pride. I couldn't have asked for more, thanks for exceeding my expectations Brian!"

Troy Valin, Spruce Grove, Alberta

Firstly, I'd like to say, Brian, the owner, went out of his way to provide me with exceptional customer service and support. Having an owner who is passionate about their products and willing to assist customers long after the sale is finalized, is a sure sign of a shop that values its customers. It speaks volumes of their commitment to customer satisfaction, which is a rare commodity these days.

As for the products themselves, the two electric bikes that I purchased exceeded my expectations. From my experience, electric bikes are the way of the future, and it's wonderful to see a local shop embracing emerging technology. Electric bikes are an excellent way to get around town as they're fuel-efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. The fact that you can also pedal them like traditional bikes is a bonus, making them suitable for riders of all levels.

Regarding the quality of the bikes, it's reassuring to know that Brian and his team stand behind their products. Knowing that you can count on them to provide any necessary repairs or replacements is an immense relief as it provides peace of mind. It's not uncommon for shops to sell products and then abandon their customers when they experience issues or require maintenance. However, it seems that you won't have that problem at our local circuit cycle and sports shop.

The salesmanship at the shop is also noteworthy. It's evident that they have a clear understanding of the products they sell and are passionate about sharing that knowledge with their customers. Having knowledgeable sales staff is critical, especially with emerging technologies such as electric bikes, where customers may have questions or concerns. In my case, it appears that the sales staff were able to answer all my questions, and I left the shop feeling confident about my purchase.

In summary, it appears that my local circuit cycle and sports shop is an excellent place to purchase electric bikes. Their commitment to customer service, knowledge of the products they sell, and willingness to go the extra mile means that you'll be in good hands should any issues arise. As for the electric bikes themselves, they're an excellent product that can help reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on fuel costs. Overall, it seems that I've found a hidden gem in Millet AB and I'd encourage anyone looking to purchase electric bikes, or standard bikes to check out circuit cycle and sports!

Jag Khamba
Millet, AB.