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Putting You and Your Family Back in the Saddle.

Cyclist on the road

Cyclists: Winters are the Best Times for Summer Cyclists

Three Reasons to have your bicycle serviced during winter months. Today, many cyclists cringe when the word off-season is used when referring to their favourite sport in winter. The invention of the fat bike took winter riding to a new level, yet that oddly heavy wheeled bicycle is not for every cyclist.

Fat Bikes are here to stay

Fat Bikes: Are They Slower?

Fat bikes must be the epitome of sluggishness. Though more recent research suggests that fatter tires are not necessarily slower

Fat bike

Fat Bike: The Rise of the Beast

Now, not even winter can be an excuse to stay indoors, sipping hot chocolate next to the fireplace. The fat bike is here to stay and silently mock sedentary Yuletide habits. For people who want to get out into the snow, but have a loathing for skis and snowshoes, the fat bike may well be the steed of choice.

Etiquette Woman with Bicycle

Etiquette for Women Cyclists Circa 1895

Etiquette – There was a lot going on in America in the 1890s. It was a time where women were breaking with convention and stepping out beyond the home into society, not only to work, but also to enjoy leisure time activities of their own choosing. At the same time, bicycling became wildly popular. The…
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The Velo Orange Piolet

Velo Orange Piolet: Building a classic touring bicycle

A true classic. From the segmented fork, to the clean lines, to the solid cerulean paint with brushed a metal headbadge. The Velo Orange Piolet harkens back to a time in mountain biking that predates suspension and indexed shifting. Though its looks are where the similarities end: unlike the early mountain bikes that heralded the off road boom of the 80s, the Piolet has disc brakes, 29” wheels, with 27.5+ compatibility, huge tire clearances, and more braze ons than you can count.

Repurposing your old bicycle

Repurposing: Bicycle Creations the Vintage Ride

Do you have an old, neglected bicycle taking up space in your garage? Did you inherit your grandpa’s collection of vintage bikes from the 50s and 60s? Some people love restoring old models for riding.

Talia Lambert - Bicycle Artist-Painter

Taliah Lempert: Introducing the Bicycle Artist

Taliah Lempert’s cycling passion quickly grew to include a fascination with the bicycle as an art form. Right after she committed to biking for transportation, she began painting bicycles. Taliah, a professional artist who studied at the New York Academy of Art and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts, Boston, MA.