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Ode to the Humble Bicycle

Oh, wondrous creation of human ingenuity,
Thy presence spans three centuries, a testament to longevity.
From humble beginnings to global acclaim,
Thou art much more than a mere conveyance in name.

Introducing the “Set Your Own Price Event”

Gear up for the ultimate e-bike extravaganza where no reasonable offer is refused on new e-bikes in stock! This is your golden opportunity to score unbelievable deals on top-notch e-bike brands like Genesis, Micheal Blast, and Velec. But hurry, this sensational event will only last until November 30th, 2023!

Embrace the Charm of a Restored Vintage Road Bicycle from Circuit Cycle & Sports

Rediscover Cycling’s Golden Era at Circuit Cycle

In today’s fast-paced world of high-tech bicycles, there is a hidden gem that captures the elegance and nostalgia of a bygone era. Circuit Cycle & Sports, located at 5008-51 Avenue in Millet, Alberta, offers a remarkable collection of expertly restored vintage road bicycles. Crafted using original framesets, revamped with modern components, and boasting unique designs, these restored bicycles are a testament to quality workmanship and passion for preserving cycling heritage. Let’s delve into why purchasing a vintage road bicycle from Circuit Cycle & Sports is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Sekine Medialle Ten Speed

Converting a 1978 Sekine 10 Speed into an eBike

You have seen them. The advertisements in Youtube and Facebook. The British accented fellow skidding up to the forefront of your screen. Skids to a stop and say, “This is a Swytch bike! The advert continues and within 20 seconds convinces you that any bike can be converted to an ebike. We at Circuit Cycle decided to pay the price and test out these claim and convert a 1978 Sekine Medialle ten speed road bike into an ebike. The results, were stunning!

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The Gravel Bike: A Revolutionary Evolution from the Road Bicycle

In recent years, a new trend has emerged in the cycling world: the gravel bike. This versatile and innovative bicycle design combines elements of both road bikes and mountain bikes to create a unique riding experience. Here we will explore the key differences between a gravel bike and a road bicycle, focusing on characteristics such as brake type, frame stiffness, tire width, and the intended terrains for gravel bikes. Additionally, we will discuss the overall appearance of gravel bicycles, highlighting their distinctive features.

The Genesis Gravel Bicycle - Trafik 8.0

Genesis releases the Trafik 8.0 Gravel Bike

Circuit Cycle & Sports of Millet, Alberta is excited to announce the release of the much-anticipated Genesis Gravel Bicycle Model Trafik 8.0. This cutting-edge bicycle offers a blend of clever design, advanced technology, and unmatched performance to gravel biking enthusiasts.

Micheal Blast Greaser ebike with leather handlebar bag

Look Good, Feel Good, that’s the Culture of Micheal Blast’s Greaser Electric Bicycle

Johnny cruised into the coffee shop with his shiny, retro-looking Greaser electric bicycle. Pulling next to a couple of Harley’s he gazed at a group of leather-clad men and women who were chatting and sipping their drinks. With a cool air about him, he hopped off the bike as its rear tire skidded to a halt.