Look Good, Feel Good, that’s the Culture of Micheal Blast’s Greaser Electric Bicycle

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Micheal Blast Greaser ebike with leather handlebar bag

Johnny cruised into the coffee shop with his shiny, retro-looking Greaser electric bicycle. Pulling next to a couple of Harley’s he gazed at a group of leather-clad men and women who were chatting and sipping their drinks. With a cool air about him, he hopped off the bike as its rear tire skidded to a halt.

He looked up, pulled off his sunglasses, and nodded in their direction with a smirk. The group watched on in amazement, some muttering comments that barely reached Johnny’s ears. Johnny’s slick hair had a signature curl that chiseled his face, making him look like he had come straight out of a 1950s movie.

“What’s a fancy bike like that doing, hanging out with us here?” said one of the bikers, a tall man with a skull tattoo on his bicep.

Johnny nonchalantly pulled down his sunglasses looking over the rims and replied, “Just showing you guys that good ole’ fashion cool still exists.”

There was an awkward silence before he spoke again, “Bet you didn’t know these ebikes from Micheal Blast even existed,” he said with a chuckle. The Micheal Blast Greaser could be seen leaning on its kickstand shadowing a soft-tailed Sportster. The retro-styled 1920’s board-track racing frame, with is drop handle bars and tanned leather bags, saddle and tank pad, gave it an air of bad-boy sophistication.

The biker group seemed taken back, more so amazed than stunned as they huddled around the bike. Johnny went on to explain how he had further customized it with some of the latest tech, allowing it to perform without compromising style.

The bikers were impressed as Johnny passed around a few beverages and coolly held court, his bike becoming the topic of discussion.

Johnny had made a new cool gang of friends with a retro bike that had managed to intrigue even some of the toughest guys. Then there was the girl.