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Micheal Blast Greaser ebike with leather handlebar bag

Look Good, Feel Good, that’s the Culture of Micheal Blast’s Greaser Electric Bicycle

Johnny cruised into the coffee shop with his shiny, retro-looking Greaser electric bicycle. Pulling next to a couple of Harley’s he gazed at a group of leather-clad men and women who were chatting and sipping their drinks. With a cool air about him, he hopped off the bike as its rear tire skidded to a halt.

Greaser ebike by Micheal Blast

Circuit Cycle & Sports Brings the Iconic Greaser Electric Bicycle to Millet

Circuit Cycle & Sports is proud to announce the arrival of Michael Blast’s iconic Greaser electric bicycle to Millet. The vintage-inspired Greaser electric bike offers a unique blend of style and functionality, providing riders with a one-of-a-kind experience.