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Sekine Medialle Ten Speed

Converting a 1978 Sekine 10 Speed into an eBike

You have seen them. The advertisements in Youtube and Facebook. The British accented fellow skidding up to the forefront of your screen. Skids to a stop and say, “This is a Swytch bike! The advert continues and within 20 seconds convinces you that any bike can be converted to an ebike. We at Circuit Cycle decided to pay the price and test out these claim and convert a 1978 Sekine Medialle ten speed road bike into an ebike. The results, were stunning!

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The Gravel Bike: A Revolutionary Evolution from the Road Bicycle

In recent years, a new trend has emerged in the cycling world: the gravel bike. This versatile and innovative bicycle design combines elements of both road bikes and mountain bikes to create a unique riding experience. Here we will explore the key differences between a gravel bike and a road bicycle, focusing on characteristics such as brake type, frame stiffness, tire width, and the intended terrains for gravel bikes. Additionally, we will discuss the overall appearance of gravel bicycles, highlighting their distinctive features.