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Bicycle Repairs and Bicycle Restorations from Bottom to Top

When you engage our certified mechanics for bicycle repairs, restoration or tune-ups, your bicycle is throughly serviced, from the bottom up, which means any and every moving part is brought back to better than how the factory delivered it. From bearings to grease, your bicycle will be a joy to ride, and whats more, safe.


New Bike Parts, New Bicycles and New Tech is our Porn

Nothing turns us on more than to see the latest shifting tech, brake specs, suspension action and frame geometry. You won’t find any shop boundaries at Circuit Cycle, you want to watch, we like being watched. Did that just get creepy?



We Build Bicycles with Love

Be careful not to sneak into the shop, because our mechanics may be talking to your ride. When we conduct bicycle repairs or build you a new bike or even service it we treat your baby likes its our own. You will have to pry it back from our hands, just say’in.


Big Box, Big Business, Naa!

We are a small Alberta based bicycle shop, with fully qualified Mechanics and Wheel Builders, Certified to the Barnett Manual Standards. Because we have little to nothing for overhead, we provide top quality bicycles from Brodie Bikes to Velec Electrics and offer quality repairs at the best rates. We are nestled in the Town of Millet, and located close to Edmonton, Calmar, Leduc, Wetaskiwin and Camrose. Drop by, grab a coffee and lets have a sit down and restore your favourite bicycle or plan a new ride.

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Look to Circuit Cycle & Sports for all your bicycle repairs in Millet, Leduc and Wetaskiwin.

We offer great rates, fully stocked replacement parts, and professional service provided by Certified Bicycle Mechanics.


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