If you're not enjoying the bicycle ride then...

Maybe its time to have the professionals bring it back to life. The answer is not always to buy new, but to renew!


Bicycle Repairs and Bicycle Restorations from Bottom to Top


New Bike Parts, New Bicycles and New Tech is our Porn


Big Box, Big Business, Naa! We Build Bicycles with Love.

From Tune-ups, Repairs, Restorations to New Bicycles

We can provide your family with unlimited satisfaction with all your cycling desires

Although we do sell new bicycles, we really beleive that your old bicycle can provide you with that same joy you felt the day you took it home. All our restorations come with a two-year new bicycle warranty. 

A few things we’re great at

A little bit cocky, but we don’t claim to be good at everything. However, when it comes to bicycles, well! Our mechanics have been certified to the Barnett Standards, and when it comes to repairing, tune-ups and building bicycles, we hold ourselves to those principles.  


We use BikeCad’s frame design system, to get a visual on the perfect bicycle for each client. Onced sized, we are able to fit you and your bike based on those recommendations.


Attention to details, proper techniques, proper tools, and a good selection of parts on-hand, allows our certified mechanics to repair your bike in a timely manner.


Our staff are also certifed bicycle assemblers. This means we consult and provide you the exact bike you want, and build you one, with an eye for beauty.


Each winter we offer hands-on training on various diciplines on bicycle mechanics. Watch for our course calendar on our Facebook page and Meet-up group.


We build, repair and restore all forms of bicycles, From BMX, Cruisers, Road and Track to the classic steel 10-Speeds from the past. All are gems, and work we are always pleased to feature.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“This guy knows his stuff. I personally don’t know him except as a bicycle mechanic, a very good one I might add. He fixed up a bike I brought in that needed quite a bit of work, and had it done the same day. Did a great job. Very thorough and reasonably priced. Forget Reeds, Take it to this dude!”

Chris Broesky

Wetaskiwin, Alberta

“Seen a post on Facebook about his shop in Millet.. Son need bearings for his BMX bike…was told by the bike shop here in Wetaskiwin that it wasn’t the bearings last summer..so son drove it all last summer but kept saying something is wrong with the front end…so now BMX season is here decided to take it to Brian today…Awesome guy..fixed his bike in 10mins with new bearings good too go now…I highly recommend him to everyone for all your bike needs…and it’s only a short distance from town…Taking all my business there now…Thanks again Brian I have one happy boy…”

Marcie Mantal Holmes

Wetaskiwin, Alberta

“Fantastic service right here in small town Alberta! I cannot tell you how excited one of our sons is after Circuit Cycle “got right” what John Deere “got wrong” (*gasp* we don’t usually say that!). He’s loving the mountain bike tires and new brakes and..the gold chain! We’ve also had another bike restored and are so impressed with the quick and quality service! Thank you!”

Nicole Van de Kraats,

Millet, Alberta

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Latest News

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Cyclotron: The Future of Cycling

Built around a carbon fibre frame, the Cyclotron uses spokeless wheels and is packed with technology including electronic gear shifting and integrated smart LED lights. Its frame design can suit both the performance rider and leisure rider, which is accomplished with the simple flip of the handlebars turning the bike from ‘comfort’ to ‘sport’ geometry.

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