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Fully Certified Bicycle Mechanic and Wheel Truing

Nestled in Millet between Leduc and Wetaskiwin, only 25 minutes south of Edmonton sits a small bike shop with a big heart. With a certified bicycle mechanic, our goal is to provide quality service with that family feel. Our commitment is to offer fantastic value and service to our customers.

We Currently Offer:

From Tune ups and Accessory Installs to Complete Rebuilds

  • Full bottom to top repairs & Tune-up.
  • Bicycle Restoration including hub, bottom bracket and head tube bearings and grease.
  • Extensive Wheel Truing and spoke balancing.
  • Wheel rebuilding, and spoke lacing.
  • Drive System repairs including back and front derailleur rebuild, replace and tuning.
  • Brake reconditioning, setup and complete replacement.

We stand behind our mechanical work

We want your bike to be able to function to it’s fullest potential. We are interested in developing a mutually beneficial relationship with all of our clients, it is crucial that we get feedback from them. If the service we have conducted does not solve the problem, we need to know about it. Circuit Cycle stands behind our service and we will correct any issues without additional charges.

Do I really need to have my bicycle serviced?

If your bike is from a big box store, then don’t expect long term reliability. You should bring your bicycle in for servicing within 90 days of purchasing it. Our certified mechanics will be able to show you what will need to be addressed and immediately correct it.

The Canadian climate can be hard on bicycles, especially if you have been riding in the winters. Corrosion from road salts, run-off and extreme moisture can advance wear on your ride. Expect to do some repair work.


Wheel on Bicycle Trueing Stand - Circuit Cyce & Sports

You are ultimately responsible for your safety.

Circuit Cycle is not responsible for the what happens to you or your bike when you are riding it. It is your responsibility to inspect your bike before each ride. Before each ride, always check your brakes, levers, pedals, cranks and wheels. Make sure they are secure. If you have any concerns bring it to us and we will torque those components at no charge.

Circuit Cycle is, of course, responsible for what happens to your bike while it is in our possession.

Certified Mechanics in house

All the mechanics of Circuit Cycle are fully trained and certified to the Barnett Manual Standards, in Bicycle Assembly, Repair and Wheel Truing.

Special: Flat rate on full rebuild ensures that you will not have to pay an hourly mechanics rate.

Our aim is to build the best possible relationship we can with our customers and referrals have always been the best form of advertising.

Before you subject your ride to a non-certified mechanic that can only offer tire repairs and minor wheel truing, call us and keep you and your family out of harms way.

Orders and enquiries

Telephone: 780-387-5340 Tuesday to Saturday: 10am to 5pm (MST)