Converting a 1978 Sekine 10 Speed into an eBike

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Sekine Medialle Ten Speed

Putting new life into an old friend

You have seen them. The advertisements in Youtube and Facebook. The British accented fellow skidding up to the forefront of your screen. Skids to a stop and say, “This is a Swytch bike!” The advert continues and within twenty seconds convinces you that any bike can be converted to an ebike.

So we decided to pay the price and test out this claim and convert a 1978 Sekine Medialle ten speed road bike into an ebike. The results, were stunning!

Converting a old ten-seed road bicycle into electric

Seven years ago I took my old 1978 Sekine Medialle ten-speed and I upgraded it with modern parts. This mean’t that it was now equipped with 700c Wheels, modern brake levers and updated brake calipers. Now it was time to update it again, this time with POWER!

We order the kit from Swytch Bike as a 700c wheel, complete with upgraded battery and upgraded controller. The kit itself came to just over $1000 CAD delivered.

It took three months for the kit to arrive, and the adverts kept popping up on my facebook feed. At first glance if you are not used to building bikes the kit could be intimidating. Properly labeled and neatly packed, the parts where plenty. We were ready.

The challenge on our trusty Sekine was the front forks. The Swytch kit is a front wheel mounted motor drive, so the flatted axles were too wide for the drops. Options were; to consider a new fork, which would be taking away from the vintage look of the Sekine, or using a trusty Dremel tool.

Since the Sekine is a Carbon steel frame-set, the Dremel was chosen.

A ‘Readers Digest’ list of steps looked like this:

  • Remove the front Wheel
  • Change the rear wheel to match style. This was a necessity due to the fact the Sekine’s existing rims were black and the Swytch Kit rims were silver alloy.
  • Install Cadence Sensor on seat tub non-drive side and mount the orbital magnets to the crank arm.
  • Install battery mount to handlebars
  • Install a second accessory mount onto the handlebars. This was needed to hold the LCD Display panel/controller since the Sekine has a drop-bar and the controller mounting diameter was tool small to attach on the bar.
  • Charge Battery
  • Connect all cables. They are all colour coded
  • Zip tie the loose cables to make it all pretty.
  • Bench test the system to ensure it all works.
  • Test ride.

The total time needed to properly do all those steps came to 2.5 hours. The first ride was quit a surprise. The bike is governed to 32 km/h but it was apparent it wanted to go faster. Acceleration was brisk, even with my senior male body mass.


  • When ordering the Swytch Kit, always get the bigger battery to ensure the best range.
  • Either controller is fine. Our LCD was bright and easy to use. The standard kit controller is a double LED selector and can save you some money.
  • Consider ordering a second battery charger as a back-up.
  • Have your kit professionally installed.

About Swytch Bike

Swytch Bike has revolutionized conventional cycling with its innovative e-bike conversion kit. Designed to transform regular bicycles into electric-powered machines, the Swytch Bike E-Bike Kit offers a cost-effective and sustainable solution for commuters and cycling enthusiasts alike. Let’s explore how this kit has quickly become a game-changer in the world of electric bicycles.

Effortless Conversion:

With the Swytch Bike E-Bike Kit, transforming your regular bicycle into an electric bike is a breeze. The kit includes a lightweight hub motor that easily attaches to the front wheel, along with a compact handlebar-mounted power pack and all the necessary cables. This simple installation process takes just minutes, allowing riders to switch between regular bicycle mode and electric assistance whenever desired.

Powerful and Versatile Performance:

The Swytch Bike E-Bike Kit offers power and versatility in equal measure. The 250W hub motor seamlessly integrates with the bicycle’s drivetrain, providing an impressive boost to the rider’s pedal power. The kit includes a pedal-assist sensor that detects the rider’s pedaling motion and instantly engages the electric motor, offering a smooth and natural riding experience. With three power modes, riders can easily adjust assistance levels to suit their needs, whether they prefer a slight boost or a more substantial electric push.

Lightweight and Stealthy Design:

One of the standout features of the Swytch Bike E-Bike Kit is its lightweight design. The motor, power pack, and cables add minimal weight to the bicycle, ensuring that the ride remains agile and nimble. Unlike traditional electric bikes, which can be heavy and bulky, the Swytch Bike Kit provides electric assistance without compromising the bicycle’s original feel and maneuverability. Its sleek and discreet design seamlessly integrates with any bicycle frame, adding a touch of sophistication.

Enhanced Range and Battery Efficiency:

Swytch Bike E-Bike Kit comes with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery pack that delivers impressive range and efficiency. Depending on the power mode and terrain, riders can travel up to 50 miles (80 kilometers) on a single charge. The removable power pack ensures easy refueling, simplifying recharging while on the go. Additionally, Swytch Bike’s power pack doubles as a portable charger, allowing riders to charge their devices or top up the battery of other gadgets.

A Sustainable Mobility Solution:

The Swytch Bike E-Bike Kit has transformed the concept of electric bicycles, providing an accessible and user-friendly solution that caters to a wide range of riders. With its effortless conversion process, powerful performance, lightweight design, and impressive range, it offers an ideal combination of convenience, versatility, and sustainability. Whether for daily commutes, leisurely rides, or recreational adventures, the Swytch Bike E-Bike Kit paves the way for an enjoyable and eco-conscious cycling experience.

Some History regarding the Sekine Medialle Ten Speed Bicycle

Nestled in the heartland of Manitoba, Canada, the town of Gimli boasts a rich history of producing top-quality bicycles, and among its manufacturing triumphs stands the Sekine Medialle ten-speed road bicycle. Recognized for its outstanding craftsmanship, durability, and timeless design, the Sekine Medialle has earned a special place in the hearts of cycling enthusiasts worldwide.

A Symbol of Elegance and Craftsmanship:

From the moment it rolled off the assembly line in Gimli, the Sekine Medialle exuded a sense of elegance and refined craftsmanship. Manufactured with an eye for detail and precision, each bicycle underwent rigorous quality control measures to ensure its exceptional performance on the road. Its clean, simple lines and flawless paintwork reflected the attention given to every component, making it a thing of beauty.

Unparalleled Durability:

The Sekine Medialle was built to withstand the test of time. The frame was constructed using high-quality, lightweight steel tubing, resulting in a rigid and responsive ride. The robust nature of the design ensured its reliability on all types of terrain, be it city streets or challenging country roads. Its resilience made it a popular choice for both casual riders and serious cyclists alike.

Smooth Ride and Superior Performance:

With its ten-speed drivetrain, the Sekine Medialle offered riders a smooth and efficient ride, allowing for effortless gear shifting and increased speed. Whether cruising along leisurely or pushing for top speeds, its reliable components delivered optimal performance on the road. The sturdy braking system provided exceptional control and responsiveness, instilling confidence in riders in any weather condition.

A Legacy of Innovation:

Sekine bicycles were known for their innovative approach, and the Medialle was no exception. It incorporated technological advancements of the time, such as the use of lightweight materials and aerodynamic design principles, making it a formidable competitor in the cycling industry. The brand’s commitment to innovation ensured that each Medialle bicycle represented a harmonious blend of tradition and progress.

Continued Popularity:

Despite the initial production of the Sekine Medialle ceasing in the late 1980s, its popularity has endured. Its reputation for longevity and reliability has resulted in a thriving vintage bicycle market. Collectors and enthusiasts around the world appreciate the timeless nature of the Medialle, with restored models fetching high prices and becoming cherished items among bicycle aficionados.


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