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Genesis Canada Mammoth Fat Bicycle from Cycle Babac and Circuit Cycle & Sports, Millet, Alberta

Canadian Genesis bikes are a breed all their own.

There seems to be a bit of confusion regarding the Canadian brand of Genesis Bicycles.

How about we clear this up?

First bit of information to get past is the fact that we see bicycles branded as Genesis in Canada, the USA and in England. While most bicycles, whether designed in another country, are manufactured in either China or Taiwan, it’s important to understand that not all these bicycles are the same. The brand of a bicycle is held by a product company within its country and is subject to the standards imposed upon that entity to produce with specific safety and build standards. This is why a bicycle company from Canada will have a label or decal on the frame of the bicycle that reads, “Designed in Canada.”

The company behind that decal will also hold the warranty for that particular bicycle. The authorized retailer selling you that bicycle, is the warranty service provider of that bicycle. This chain of ‘ownership’ is needed for the protection of the end buyer. No chain of ownership, no warranty. The country of origin, in this case, Canada, also imposes the standards. Therefore warranties of any bicycle is jurisdictional. That also means, not from Canada, no warranty. We mention this, because under the brand name of ‘Genesis’ there are three separate companies from each of the three countries we mentioned.

The important thing to know is this. The Genesis Bicycles that we have from Canada are excellent quality, and are distributed by the brand owner “Cycle Babac” in Montreal, Quebec. Cycle Babac bought Genesis Cycles five years ago and have done a great job of improving the full line and features. They include lightweight fat-bikes, gravel bikes, cruisers, hard-tailed mountain bikes and electric bicycles. Each Genesis bicycle come with a one-year manufactures warranty. Here at Circuit Cycle, we add another in-house one-year labour warranty. This gives a Genesis bicycle bought in Millet, Alberta, a two-year warranty.

So what about those other Genesis bicycle companies?

We have nothing to do with them. Really! But let us take a closer look.

In the USA, Genesis is a big box-store brand bicycle. The term box-store refers to large department stores like Canadian Tire, Walmart, Costco and even Amazon. These entities are not known for staffing there sporting goods departments with BAM certified bicycle mechanics or even in-house trained bicycle mechanics.

In the United States, Genesis bicycles are sold in Walmarts, which gives that brand the appearance of being a Walmart branded bicycle. This is similar to the relationship between the brand Supercycle and Canadian Tire here in Canada. A close look at these American Genesis bicycles sold by Walmart are specified with entry level components; from the frames, drive-train right down to the tires. This is common with department store offerings. Take a look at HERE.

It is also important to note, that since Walmart is a massive retailer, their Genesis bicycles are also sold in Canada, through their website and sometimes are found on their showrooms. This is why there is confusion by many customers in Canada. It is very important to remember that these are completely different bicycle branded product lines.

In England, Genesis is again a different breed. Not available in Canada, these Genesis bicycles are targeted to the higher income customers. Providing mostly high-end road and gravel adventure bicycles. The first Genesis bicycle in England rolled out in 2001. A brand of Sportline, H Young (Operations) Ltd., it is considered a major brand along side of Saracen and Ridgeback. Not to make things even more confusing, but Sportline is under the marketing umbrella of Madison, the largest distributor of bicycle parts and components in the UK. You can check them out HERE.

The take away is simply this. The Genesis bicycles sold by Circuit Cycle & Sports in Millet, Alberta, are a Canadian brand from Cycle Babac in Montreal, Quebec. A completely different bicycle, right down to the models and warranties provided.

Genesis Bicycles. A Canadian brand from Cycle Babac in Montreal, Quebec. Available at Circuit Cycle & Sports in Millet, Alberta.
Genesis Mammoth fat-bike. Nine speed, lightweight with hydraulic disc brakes
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