Source Vintage Bicycle Components at Circuit Cycle & Sports

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Photo by Markus Spiske, courtesy of Pixabay

There is nothing more satisfying than restoring a vintage bicycle. If you are a person who restores bicycle then Circuit Cycle is a great place to source reconditioned vintage components. “We have been reconditioning bicycle components for six years,” stated Brian Hahn, Owner and Manager of Circuit Cycle & Sports in Millet, Alberta. “In December of 2021, we began to migrate our inventory of these hard-to-find bicycle components to our website,” added Hahn.

Circuit Cycle & Sports have made available to their customers a great collection on pristine vintage bicycle components on there website. Using PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and even the Discovery Card, customers can purchase their bicycle parts online. “More components are added weekly,” stated Hahn, “If you are looking for something specific we probably have it, so contact is if you do not see it on our website.”

The process used to recondition vintage bicycle components

The process of reconditioning the components is very involved. Each part is disassembled and soaked in an environmentally friendly liquid removing all rust and debris from all moving parts. The components are then cleaned using a mild cleaner. Once reassembled, the part is properly lubricated and tested. The final touch is to find the original manuals, if still available, and then packaging.

“All bicycle components are Certified Reconditioned by Circuit Cycle & Sports, and come with a three month in-house warranty,” advised Hahn.

Reconditioned parts are not the only components offered on the website. Circuit Cycle also provide NOS (New Old Stock) parts. Some of the brands found on their website are from Suntour, SunRace, Simplex, Huret, Shimano, Sugino, Favorit, Sturmey Archer among others. Currently the vintage bicycle component selection features, derailleurs, shifters, cranksets and chainrings.

Visit the online store and browse, and return often as the inventory is uploaded to their catalog.