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Photo by Barbara A Lane courtesy of Pixabay

Circuit Cycle in Millet, Alberta now offers ice skate sharpening to their market, “The introduction of the Sparx Pro Skate Sharpener has opened a few doors to us,”stated owner and manager Brian Hahn, “Sparx Sports introduced a professional self contained skate sharpener in 2013, making it possible for us to have a clean room operation.” 

Circuit Cycle & Sports currently offer skate sharpening in 5/8”, 1/2” and 3/8 inch traditional radial profile and the newer 1/2” optimized flat bottom profile.

About ice skate sharpening with Sparx

Considered accurate and fool-proof, the Sparx Sharpener Pro was designed to produce perfect blades and correct inaccurate blades. The Sparx Sharpener is a unique 2-in-1 system that includes both the standard Sparx Sharpener Base and the heavy duty metal and glass Sparx Sharpener Pro Base. This combination allowed Circuit Cycle to operate, what traditionally is a messy process to, a clean ice skate sharpening operation. “When we first opened in 2016, I looked at bringing ice skate sharpening to Millet, but the cost and maintenance was prohibited for us at the time,” stated Hahn.

In December of 2020 we introduced ice skate sharpening as a service, by offering free ice skate sharpening for four weeks. “The response was very good” stated Hahn. A local Millet couple Ida and Rob Howe, of Millet, Alberta and a Leduc company Petra Holdings Ltd., sponsored the introductory offer. “We are very appreciative of their support in making this service in Millet possible.” said Hahn.

You can see the ice skate sharpening rates at Skate Sharpening Rates. For appointments you can call 780-3875340, or bring your skates down to the store at 5012-50 Street Millet Alberta during posted business hours. 


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