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Rear Derailleur Tune-up


(CCN) With temperatures dropping from November to March in Alberta, not many folks in Alberta are riding bicycles. For most, your trusty ride is hung in storage, while you nestle yourself indoors awaiting a new season.

This is the time to have your bike serviced.

With the colder weather, Circuit Cycle recognizes that many of our customers just don’t want to pull out the bicycles, brave the cold and bring them into a mechanic. Instead, the usual plan of attack is to try to get the mechanic to fix the bikes in spring. However, we all know that is not always the best course of action. In spring with the increase in demand the wait times to have your bicycle serviced increases.

Introducing Circuit Cycle Off-Season Bicycle Tune-ups Benefit Program

From November to March, if you call us to book your service work online, we will include pick-up and deliver to your door, for all customers that reside within a 30km radius of Millet, Alberta. As a result, people in Leduc, Wetaskiwin, Falun, Gwynne, Pigeon Lake or Wizard Lake qualify for FREE pick-up and delivery. For those still willing to bring their bicycle in for serving during these month, we will provide a 15% discount. “This way all our customers receive our off-season benefit program.” stated Brian Hahn owner and operator from Circuit Cycle.

Our Current Service Labour Schedule: (Fully Certified Bicycle Assembly Mechanic)

  • Standard Repair Rate: $45.00/hour
  • Basic Tune-up: $55.00 (Restore shifting system, adjust brakes, replace wheel hub grease and bearings, inspect bottom bracket, and head post, grease posts, and lube chain, detail bicycle.)
  • Full Tune-up: $135.00 (Include Basic Tune-up, plus replace head tube bearings and grease Bottom Bracket bearings and grease, true wheels, balance spokes, and detail frame, wheels, forks. (if your bicycle requires additional parts, detail bicycle)
  • Parts required for repairs including any bearings are additional.

Circuit Cycle have in stock a full line of Velec electric bicycles, mountain bikes, and road bikes, including an extensive inventory of parts accessories, and gifts for the holiday season. Visit their catalog here.

To book your bicycle(s) in for service please call 780-387-5340, (Mobile: 780-887-7772) or visit our service book page and complete the form.


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