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It has been five years since we opened our little local bicycle shop in Millet and now its time to step it up. We are moving to a new location in the heart of Alberta. Yes, we are staying in this wonderful town of Millet.

My father always said, ‘In for a penny or in for a pound.’ Actually his axiom was a little more colourful, it had something to do with getting off the pot, but the sentiment was the same. So honouring his memory, we have decided to open up a store front on 50 Street (Highway 2A) and 50 Avenue. For those who are visual in nature and scratching your heads; yes, it is actually 200 feet straight east of where we are now. The benefits will be that you can now find your local bicycle shop better, a concern many customers had. We will also have a little more retail space. To say we are stoked is an understatement.

Now for a little begging.

As you can imagine, with the uncertainty of the times, this move can be seen as risky. But we see it an opportunity to position our local bicycle shop operation better to service the market. Once Alberta recovers and Canada winds up from the fear of the pandemic, we believe that this move will allow us to service Millet and the surrounding area more effectively. A store front will open us up to more bicycle component suppliers and sports gear suppliers, something that eluded us for six summers because we were a home-based business.

Now the begging; please tell your friends and consider Circuit Cycle & Sports, your local bicycle shop throughout the year. Christmas, Birthdays reunions, we would appreciate your continued support.

What to expect for your local bicycle shop.

The new location will carry a full line of Genesis Bicycles from Montreal, as well as electric bicycles from Velec. We have been selling Velec from the very first year we opened, and this line of ebikes are simply amazing. The models we will be offering for 2021 are simply stunning.

Many of you may have noticed that although we only had a shop that was 650 square foot it was always heavily stocked with bicycle parts, cycling accessories and even sports electronics. So many customers would compare us to Dr. Who and his Tardis. “It looks bigger in the inside than out.” That was because Circuit Cycle & Sport is owned by Teresa and Brian Hahn, a couple that owned and operated a Radio Shack in the 1990s. What always drew people to the old Radio Shack was the copious parts filling the walls. The sheer selection would always make a person pause, and ponder the possibilities. This method of merchandising is no longer, except here at Circuit Cycle. It is hoped that when visiting our new location, you will ponder the possibilities of upgrading your bicycle or even imagine rebuilding a vintage bike.

So while we are closed from September 12th to November 1st, you can always visit our website and book your bicycle in for an “end of season tuneup”. Just complete the service form online and we will confirm your appointment with you. If you wish to follow our renovation progress, please like us in Facebook, and watch for the weekly updates.

Once again, thank you for all your support. This move was made possible by customers like you. See you all in November!

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