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Playing Card Bicycle Motor Sound

Attention all boomers! Circuit Cycle & Sports is proud to bring back the playing card sounds of the 60s! Introducing Circuit Cycle’s Hybrid Bicycle Motor Kit, Model 2PC-5000 for your child’s bicycle. It brings to your family the latest in spoke concussive sound wave technology from Millet! The people that brought you a bunch of stuff folks don’t talk about.

The 2PC-5000 represents generations of trial testing at the hands of an aged group of junior scientists from days gone by. Early models roamed the streets of Canada giving bicycles everywhere the sound of speed, and power!

We all know that loud pipes save lives, well here at Circuit Cycle & Sports, that misnomer did not miss our ears. So we reinvented the spoke concussive motor Model 2PC-5000 and are offering it to you. Yes, your bicycle will sound faster, look cooler and most definitely draw attention to yourself like never before. So make sure you have your teeth brushed, shoelaces tied, and hair combed because with the 2PC-5000 clipped to your frame, you never know who you will meet!


Wear a helmet because the sound of the 2PC-5000 could cause a distraction and an accident may happen. Avoid looking down at the card swatting acton of the 2PC 5000 and keep your eyes on the road! Circuit Cycle & Sports is not responsible for any injuries caused by your riding. 

Ingredients: Tree wood, Bicycle brand Standard Playing Card (Trusted since 1885 – No association with Circuit Cycle & Sports Inc. implied or inferred), Steel spring clip. Gluten Free, Nut Free, Egg Free, No MSG. Not for human consumption.


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