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Putting You and Your Family Back in the Saddle.

Etiquette Woman with Bicycle

Etiquette for Women Cyclists Circa 1895

Etiquette – There was a lot going on in America in the 1890s. It was a time where women were breaking with convention and stepping out beyond the home into society, not only to work, but also to enjoy leisure time activities of their own choosing. At the same time, bicycling became wildly popular. The…
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Photographer Shipler Commercial Photographers; Shipler, Harry Copyright claimed by Utah State Historical Society. Publication status uncertain, so licensed as fair use.

Cycling History: Predictions from 1893

(CCN) Prognostication is in the eye of the beholder, or at least is how one author saw the future of cycling history in 1893. Recently I came across an issue of “Bicycle” written by W.N. Robertson on A curious booklet published in 1894, containing all sorts of cycling primers, tips on riding and the latest gear.…
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