Author: Brian K. Hahn

Putting You and Your Family Back in the Saddle.

Cyclist on the road

Cyclists: Winters are the Best Times for Summer Cyclists

Three Reasons to have your bicycle serviced during winter months. Today, many cyclists cringe when the word off-season is used when referring to their favourite sport in winter. The invention of the fat bike took winter riding to a new level, yet that oddly heavy wheeled bicycle is not for every cyclist.

Santa riding bicycle

Santa Claus: Which Bicycle Would He Ride?

We all know that good ole’ Santa Claus flies a sleigh pulled by Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph. Or at least that’s what we are meant to believe. But what you have never heard before is that Santa has a bicycle mounted on the back in case the reindeer tell…
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Winter Cycling

Destination Canmore: Winter Cycling at its best

You may treasure that bike that you find good for winter cycling. Perhaps its your trusty mountain bike with 2.25” inch tires, or that trusty hybrid with mean knobby tires. Maybe you have invested a bit of green to experience the canvas of white that Alberta is famous for and bought a “Fat Bike”. What…
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Blue Heeler Electric Bike Power

So, You Wanted an Electric Bicycle But Could Not Afford It?

It was one of those days when I had everyone’s attention. Three people all stood over me eagerly wanting my story about how my desire for an electric bicycle brought us all together. So I started to tell them….

Bicycle Beauty with Bold: Aventon married up to Sturmey-Archer

We could have built this baby with a single speed hub. Nobody would bat an eye, because a good 46T crank would give you plenty of speed. But thinking about that hub, made our mouths water.

Group Riding, Touring Drumheller, Alberta

Group Riding in the Alberta Badlands

“Cycling Alberta’s Badlands is probably one of the best experiences anybody can enjoy.”

Concept bicycle, The Cyclotron, Kickstarter

Cyclotron: The Future of Cycling

Built around a carbon fibre frame, the Cyclotron uses spokeless wheels and is packed with technology including electronic gear shifting and integrated smart LED lights. Its frame design can suit both the performance rider and leisure rider, which is accomplished with the simple flip of the handlebars turning the bike from ‘comfort’ to ‘sport’ geometry.