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Photo by Markus Spiske, courtesy of Pixabay

Source Vintage Bicycle Components at Circuit Cycle & Sports

By Brian K. Hahn | January 13, 2022

There is nothing more satisfying than restoring a vintage bicycle. If you are a person who restores bicycle then Circuit Cycle is a great place to source reconditioned vintage components. “We have been reconditioning bicycle components for six years,” stated Brian Hahn, Owner and Manager of Circuit Cycle & Sports in Millet, Alberta. “In December…
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Photo by Barbara A Lane courtesy of Pixabay

Ice Skate Sharpening at Circuit Cycle

By Brian K. Hahn | January 12, 2022

Circuit Cycle & Sports currently offer skate sharpening in 5/8”, 1/2” and 3/8 inch traditional radial profile and the newer 1/2” optimized a flat bottom profile.

Circuit Cycle & Sports, Millet, Alberta.

Circuit Cycle & Sports publish video walk-through on Rumble

By Brian K. Hahn | November 3, 2021

For those who have not had the chance to visit Circuit Cycle & Sports, a new walk-through video was recently published on both Rumble and Youtube. With a rich look into a wide selection of components and accessories, the video provides potential customers a peak into what a small bicycle shop in Millet, Alberta can…
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Tune-up Packages - Circuit Cycle & Sports - Service Center

Yes, the Rumours are Correct, we are Moving

By Brian K. Hahn | September 3, 2020

It has been five years since we opened our little local bicycle shop in Millet and now its time to step it up. We are moving to a new location in the heart of Alberta Yes, we are staying in this wonderful town of Millet.

We still have new bicycles in stock

By Brian K. Hahn | May 28, 2020

Our shop provides new bikes in three distinct levels. First, we carry new bicycles from Genesis Bikes from Quebec, and new electric bikes from both Genesis and Velec. All our suppliers are from Montreal.

Covid-19 Public Service Announcement

Circuit Cycle’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Brian K. Hahn | March 18, 2020

UPDATE: In accordance with the increased restrictions imposed by the Provincial Government, ALL customers and staff are now required to wear face coverings. Further; we are limiting store occupancy to a maximum of four(4) customers. (Not including staff) UPDATE: In accordance with the Alberta Government guidelines on essential businesses, retailers open to repair bicycles are…
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