TECH WATCH: Haiku, the new Bike Computer

“Next generation of bike computer for smart urban cyclists: get on your handlebar just the info you need from your smartphone.” (CCN) Cool gear is all the rage, and no better place to snoop are those inventions taking wings on Kickstarter. Commenced September 2015, three men formed the company ASPHALT Lab,...

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Cycling History: Predictions from 1893

(CCN) Prognostication is in the eye of the beholder, or at least is how one author saw the future of cycling history in 1893. Recently I came across an issue of “Bicycle” written by W.N. Robertson on A curious booklet published in 1894, containing all sorts of cycling primers, tips on...

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Winter Cycling: 10 Safe Ride Tips get you through it

(CCN) Not a great deal of people look forward to winter cycling in Canada, because for the most part the temperatures and riding conditions are not ideal. But for many, bike riding on slippery roads, and ice cold may be a necessity. It is important to alter your habits and in...

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