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Putting You and Your Family Back in the Saddle.

Cross Chaining: Do Not Go There

(CCN) What do we say to customers that question why their bicycle makes chain noise in first gear? “Just don’t go there.” That does sound rather ‘off-handed’, however, the fact remains, most bicycles are not meant to be shifted so that the condition of “cross-chaining” occurs. What is “Cross-Chaining?” Cross chaining is the condition where the…
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Spongy Wonder: Bicycle Seat Design is Key to a Healthy Ride

(CCN) So you have been riding your bike for most of your life. You are now encroaching middle age, and you love to ride, but find yourself with a sore saddle. Worse, is that after you have ridden for fifteen to twenty minutes, your buttock gets numb. You find yourself wanting to stand up on…
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